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Well if you haven’t seen these guys your really missing something.
This group is called “Here Comes the Mummies.” Rumor has it member of the band are Grammy winners who are keeping their identity secret by wrapping themselves in bandages. There music is a mix of different things and the lyrics are raunchy to risky. The most recent album is entitled “Bed, Bath and Behind.”
One of my favorites is a tune called “Pants.” Although one of their songs was in the movie “Fired Up” you may recognize “Dirty Minds.” Check them out and see what you think.

Well if you played SingStar……

Sorry folks meant to do more but that winter storm nailed us on the power seen for the last week. That being said I want to talk about the SingStar game for the PlayStation. This game original came out for the PS2 and is still going strong on the PS3. This game will introduce most Americans to a group of bands that they may be unfamiliar with.
Case in point. Gotthard from Switzerland. I found a little more when my cousins were here from Germany. They filled me in on all the groups that I had never heard of before but was beginning to like alot. So I will slowly be sharing many of these bands with you in the coming months. Now back to Gotthard.
From there website Gotthard Offical:
The story so far…..

13 No.1 albums
1 Diamond Award (1 million albums sold in Switzerland)
1 Tripple platinum album (Homerun)
5 Double Platinum albums (Human Zoo, One Life One Soul, Open, DeFrosted, Lipservice)
6 Platinum albums (Gotthard, Dial Hard, G. One Team One spirit, Made In Switzerland, Domino Effect)
1 No. 1 single (Heaven)
6 Top ten singles
1 Gold single (Heaven)

More than 2 million albums sold world wide.
Impressive to say the lest. I was sadden to learn that the lead singer I was getting used to on SingStar had died in Oct 2010. Steve Lee who was one of the founders of the band died in a motorcycle accident in the US.
The band came onto the scene in 1992. This year they released a new album in Sept. called “Homegrown – Alive In Lugano“ which contains vocals done by the late Steve Lee at a concert they did in July of last year before his death. I must say every album of their I have found has been a hit with me. Hope to see more of them as the years keep rolling on.


Well if you look up the definition it means idol chatter or talk but if you look up music you find, Boots Randolph, Chet Atkins, Sha Na Na or Bennie Hill. Now I realize that some of you may not know any of these people, so I say you are missing out.
Boots Randolph was a saxophonist, mainly the tenor sax. Born in 1927 and died in 2007. There is a wonder podcast on NPR about Boots and his life. But if you haven’t heard him play check out this video of him doing Yakety Sax, he knows how to make that sax talk.
Chet Atkins, also known as Mister Guitar, has a way of making his instrument of choice talk as well with his video of Yakety Axe. He was born in 1924 and died in 2001. He was friends with Boots and Yakety Axe was his version of Randolph’s Yakety Sax.
What came later in the Yakety course was a song made famous by the Coasters in 1958, later performed by Sha Na Na in this video clip. This group is still at large and you can see their tour dates at the Official Sha Na Na website.
Where will the next Yakety music come from who knows.

Evanescence…..New Album!

Yes I can say we have all been wondering when they would come back to this world with a new album and it’s finally here. Check out the new video. The album is now available on iTunes. I just finished listening to it and I must say it is everything I expected and more.

Brian Mackey…..Honest Love and more.

Brian Mackey, I know some of you haven’t heard of him before, but I’m hoping to change that.
He lists his music as Indie/Pop/Rock. You can find a number of stories about him by checking out his MySpace, ReverbNation or Facebook.
Lucky for me I asked him if he would come to Colorado and play, and he asked back where would be good.
I gave him some places to check out and then asked him if he wouldn’t mind giving me a small interview with some information you couldn’t find just anywhere on him.
So I asked him what instruments do you play and who is the manufacturer?
Instruments I play:
Acousitc Guitar – Martin
Electric Guitar – Fender
Bass – Fender
Piano – Hallet Davis & Co Upright Piano for writing
Piano Recording – M-Audio Keyboard
What music do you like to listen to?
Classical music, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin
I also like any kind of music really, anything that makes me think or feel.
My most recent great find is George Fromby from the 1930s and 40s he was from the UK.
He did some really cool offbeat singer/songwriter storytelling that makes me smile..
What makes you happy?
Eating, writing, staying up way too late, sleeping way too late, Flying my kite, Pretending like I’m from the cast of a Dickens Novel, and drinking..
What’s do like to do in your spare time?
Hang out with friends, write, eat, play shows.
Tell me a few things that not everyone knows about you?
I had a 140 IQ in 5th grade, so I’m sort of smart I guess, or maybe I’m just a smart ass, or just remove the word smart… 🙂

I want to be a pilot.

I was told I’m a good graphic designer, I’ve had no education on the subject, or really much education to speak of, but I read alot and I do know what I like,
and sometimes I’ve helped people design certain things, and I’ll help people that went to school for it and they ask, “Where did you go to school?” and I’ll lie and say, “Cal Arts” just because I like the way it sounds.
Thanks Brain for the interview, please check out his video on YouTube “Honest Love”.

McFly….No not George

07 Sep 2012 McFly in the USA The Roxy, Los Angeles
10 Sep 2012 McFly in the USA The Roxy, Los Angeles

If you don’t know about this group from the UK pop rock here is a little bit about them.

There first album Room on the Third Floor released in 2004 hit number 1 in the UK and earned them a spot in The Guinness World Book as the youngest band to ever achieve this so far. Since then they have had 10 # 1 singles and two albums at #1.  The bands Front man Tom Fletcher has written more British #1 hits than Queen, U2 all before he reached the age of 21.

Tom Fletcher was born in 1985, he is the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and founder of the band. He also plays piano. His instruments of choice are Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Flying V, Fender Stratocaster, Music Man Sterling.

Danny Jones, born in 1986 also sings lead and is another guitar player for the band. He also plays piano, harmonica, ukulele, and bass guitar. His instruments of choice are the Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul Custom.

Dougie Poynter was born in 1987, plays the bass guitar and vocals. His instruments of choice are Music Man Sterling, Music Man StingRay, and the Fender Jazz Bass.

Harry Judd was born in 1985, he is the drummer. He also plays piano, trumpet, and guitar. I’m not sure which drum kit he prefers. He recently was a guest dancer on Stricly Come Dancing.

Take a moment and check out their most recent hit.

Music, How do you keep it?

So what kind of music turns you on? What makes you happy or sad? How often do you listen? You get sick of your song after the radio station plays it into the ground? You like vinyl or CD’s? Now that vinyl is making a comeback is the quality really that much better? It’s a battle that will go on for the purist in all of us. I’ve been taking my old vinyl and converting it to MP’s like alot of other people so I can listen to it on my MP players.

The market place is full of software and hardware to convert your vinyl to CD or MP’s and there are a few companies out there that will do it for you.

I’ve been using Xitel INport Deluxe, because I actually still have a B & O turntable and a decent stereo. But it’s by no means the only thing I use once I have recorded the music off to my computer. I also use Goldwave to tweak it the way I think it should sound.  Whatever you choose to use, remember to take your time, your not in a hurry if you want it to sound good.

For those of you who want to get started there are some video’s on YouTube that might be of some help.