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Lark Vs. Owl…..I forgot to ask who was the Lark or Owl.

Lark Vs. Owl…Interesting name for a rock/doom/pop group, and they proved to me to be a very interesting band.
This Seattle based band is part of the Wandering Infinity Production Label.
Dennis told me a little bit about them.
Could you give me a little background?
Were caged pets for a band called Yam in early to mid-00’s. During/after Yam’s demise, adopted by instrumental hip-hop group, starkiller. in 2006, flew the coop and formed Lark vs. Owl, first CD year or so later. Quick migration with Uneasy 2008-2010, but back to old feeding grounds, working on new CD 2012.
What or who inspired you?
Birds of a different feather but liked each others’ side bands (Matt Supernauty, Dennis AJBBV) and said flock it! Also Quasi’s “Including Birds” or something like that; simple/not-so-simple 2-piece band (at the time) said anything’s possible.
What instruments do you play?
Dennis bass/guitar/ukelele/vocals, Matt vocals/drums/keyboards/gong/whistles and kazoo.
What do you listen too?
Like any good songbirds we listen to too much. Wanna reinterpret old folk or John Lee Hooker-style blues but end up just covering the Ramones or Radiohead.
What makes you happy? or sad?
Happy: the courage to fly musically naked (musically only) in front of an audience. Sad: Dealing with Rubber Chickens aka: people truly faking it to make it.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Try to sleep in between reading scraps of nesting paper (Matt-Salman Rushdie jag, Dennis-NW History books).
. If you could do anything you wanted what would it be?
Continue to fly musically naked (again, musically only) in front of larger audiences, perhaps naked audiences.
If you couldn’t tell these guys are hoot, bad pun.
You can hear them and see them at on the web at these locations. Thanks again guys for sharing with us.

Build your own guitar….mandolin….banjo….I guess you can.

After I had interviewed Andy Sartori the other day I started to wonder about the ease of building a guitar.
I was surprised to learn that you can buy kits for a number of instruments and that there are a number of places on the net that teach you how.
How to build your own guitar at the Instructable site.
Build Your Own Classical Guitar with help from Jeremy Locke.
Or buy a kit and see if it’s for you.
@Guitar Kits.
Saga has kits for guitars, mandolins and banjos.
Gold Tone Banjo Kits.
Siminoff Banjo and Mandolin has kits for mandolins.
I also found kits for Violins, Dulcimers and other instruments. If your passionate about music and thought about trying to build your own you should probable check these out.