Music, What makes you happy?

Music software….databases to recording software.

Never say you can’t find the software, it’s just a problem deciding which software.
As an IT tech I have been asked about all different kinds of software and I have designed a few pieces as well. Database come to mind more often. Trying to keep track of all the LP’s, CD’s and MP3’s, is always a challenge. How much information do you need or want. Well I always wanted to know who was on the album, design and everything, but you can go to far. One of the ones I found that I liked using as well as my own designs is the database created by Collectorz for music. It does some really nice stuff and a new version is coming out soon.
Hey what’s that song. Well they have a couple programs for that. One you can put on your smartphone is known as Shazam, and another called Tunatic. It’s the next best thing to having one of you music friends with you all the time.
Want to record or create music, some of the old one are always good like Cakewalk or Sony Software collection.
If you find something you think would be of interest to the rest of us, Please share it.


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