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Romero Reviews Clutch City

Clutch City

“Clutch F’n City!” It’s time to get it poppin’ with this Florida-bred and raised duo. Prime 8 and Rich Small have been making music for years as solo artists as well as in different groups, but it wasn’t until last year they decided to come together and perform. Now the duo are becoming the face of Southern Hip-Hop in Florida, co-creators of their own record label, Clutch City Records, and are on the fast track to stardom.

One of their stand out tracks is Ewww. Produced by their exclusive producer July, this rock-tinged track is boasting star power, gold chains and watches with the lasting impression that “everything I do is Ewww!” to their haters. Rich Small starts the song out with a mean 16 spouting, “consistent, persistent, I’m g-shock hate resistant” which I really enjoyed hearing due to its syncopation with the beat. The way he flows is smoother than his partner in crime, Prime 8, who at times I could do without.

Prime 8’s flow at times reminds me of fellow Southern rapper Shawty Lo and at other times a bad Lil Wayne; probably due to him sampling Steady Mobbin’ on their mixtape. I think he does best when he’s being featured or when he sings the hook.

I think one of my favorite tracks by Clutch City and Clutch City Records is Get At Me, with July taking the reins as main rapper. The beat is enjoyable and many of the rhymes are clever (except the one about making someone’s ass a Lunchable!).

All in all, I think these guys have the right mindset to keep making good music. If I’m ever in Orlando, I’ll probably go to one of their concerts. Their beats are solid and wish them nothing but the best in the future.

– Romero H