Music, What makes you happy?

Flash Cadillac……Stolen!

Back when “American Graffiti” first came out I became a fan of Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids. Since that first introduction to the style of 50’s music they produce I have seen them a few times. The first at Knotts Berry Farm, later they appeared in my home town and I had the privilege of having my t-shirt (which I was wearing) autographed by the band. They have made a number of albums over the years and appeared on “Happy Days” and “Apocalypse Now.” The band member found each other at University of Colorado, and got their name at “The Sink” restaurant on the hill. You can read more about their history at their website.
What happened the other day was something of a shock to this fan of the band. They are going to be part of the Colorado Music Hall of Fame and someone stole some of wonderful memories from the exhibit.
According to the Denver Post… Sam McFadin’s signature Flash Cadillac guitar, Linn Phillips’ leather jacket with the name “SPIKE” across the back in studs. Warren Knight’s gold record for the “American Graffiti” soundtrack, and another piece. Pawnbrokers have been alerted, but it is a shame that someone has taken these wonderful memories.

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