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Chris Mann and Jesse Campbell….The Voice

I don’t normally watch things like “The Voice” or shows like that but I have a couple friends who convinced me to watch, but I watched season 3 and found two people I would like to talk about this time out.
ChrisMann2Chris Mann who made it to the last four during the season is first up. His album “Roads” is now available and he was just on “Conan” showing it off. This singer songwriter hails from Kansas and sings pop, opera, and adult contemporary. If you like any of that style of music you should check out everything Chris Mann at his website.
Next up is Jesse Campbell.JesseCampbell
A number of people believed that believed he got the shaft from his coach (Christina Aguilera).
I’m one of those. He hails from Illinois and sings R&B, gospel. You can purchase songs he performed on his website and from iTunes. He is looking for help to get his new album out, but he does have three older albums out.
Both artist have there albums available on Amazon. Take a listen.

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