Music, What makes you happy?

Billy K Band..Gossomer..and Oscars for Sound Editing & Mixing.

billykFirst up, I’d like to congratulate Billy K Band for making the Nashville Tennessee Music Charts. We interviewed him back in 2011 before his recent album (Outrun the Rain) was started. He also has a page now on MTV and CMT.
GossamerPPIt’s an album with a tremendous amount of feeling. I’ve now listened to it a number of time and it’s now one of those I put on my hot list. If you haven’t heard it, take a listen and let me know what you think.
Last on my list to talk about today is the Oscar for Sound Editing.
If you hadn’t heard it was a tie this year between Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty.
This is one of the category I usually get right on the picks, and well this year I was half right.
Not an easy category to pick when you understand what it is all about, but if a movie messes this up you definitely know. I remember when I heard We Come in Peace without the proper sound in it. Makes a big difference.
The same with Sound Mixing, if it’s done poorly it’s the first thing you pick up on in a movie.
Congrats to the Oscar winners.

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