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First video for a Colorado group and Music updates.

Two Worlds, A a couple of Young men from Aurora and they are very talented.
They just released an EP called “Playtime” and thier first Video.

I you have problems finding their Facebook page your aren’t the only one. You might get hundreds of hits for the game Two Worlds.
They also have a video out with Tyler Ward.

You can find the EP on iTunes.
Upcoming Concerts in the Denver area.
At the Paramount
Joe Satriani Sept 4
Valhalla Sept 13
Jack Johnson Oct 9
Radiolab Nov 1 & 2
At Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
Dave Matthews Band Aug 23-24
At 1st Bank Center
Passion Pit Oct 15
At the Pepsi Center
P!nk Oct 18
Justin Timberlake Jan 22

Tyler Ward, Mad Dog and others Colorado players.

Yes some bands got their start in Colorado. Big Head Todd and the Monster, The Fray, One Republic, John Denver, Jesse Carmichael from Maroon 5 and Glenn Miller.
People I would like you to notice that should be added to you lists are Tyler Ward.
Graduated from University of Northern Colorado for something other than music, his album The Show is worth picking up and here is a little sample.

According to one of his videos he is a neighbor of Alex G.
Her EP Hello is worth picking up as well as her collaborations.

A group I have previously talked with Broken Tongues.

And a Congrats goes out to Mad Dog & Headman. Tonight They will be having a CD release party at the Skylite Station in Denver.

Enjoy these special Colorado People.

Queen: Days Of Our Lives Blu-ray.

This Blu-ray that was released May of 2011, and has unseen footage as well rare interviews. It is split into two parts, with the Special features being that of music video’s, extended interviews and other stories.
This is one of the better documentaries of the life of a great band. I was amazed at the amount of information and wonderful clips that spanned the history of this band. I found myself getting all choked up towards the end of the documentary like Freddie had just died yesterday. Seeing the clips from the commemorative show made me remember back to all those great albums I own on vinyl.
I’m glad that the band has gone on, but we will always miss the very distinctive Freddie Mercury. His vocal range was amazing and his style was very much his own.
This documentary is worth a watch especially to Queen fans.

Flash Cadillac……Stolen!

Back when “American Graffiti” first came out I became a fan of Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids. Since that first introduction to the style of 50’s music they produce I have seen them a few times. The first at Knotts Berry Farm, later they appeared in my home town and I had the privilege of having my t-shirt (which I was wearing) autographed by the band. They have made a number of albums over the years and appeared on “Happy Days” and “Apocalypse Now.” The band member found each other at University of Colorado, and got their name at “The Sink” restaurant on the hill. You can read more about their history at their website.
What happened the other day was something of a shock to this fan of the band. They are going to be part of the Colorado Music Hall of Fame and someone stole some of wonderful memories from the exhibit.
According to the Denver Post… Sam McFadin’s signature Flash Cadillac guitar, Linn Phillips’ leather jacket with the name “SPIKE” across the back in studs. Warren Knight’s gold record for the “American Graffiti” soundtrack, and another piece. Pawnbrokers have been alerted, but it is a shame that someone has taken these wonderful memories.


Well if you haven’t seen these guys your really missing something.
This group is called “Here Comes the Mummies.” Rumor has it member of the band are Grammy winners who are keeping their identity secret by wrapping themselves in bandages. There music is a mix of different things and the lyrics are raunchy to risky. The most recent album is entitled “Bed, Bath and Behind.”
One of my favorites is a tune called “Pants.” Although one of their songs was in the movie “Fired Up” you may recognize “Dirty Minds.” Check them out and see what you think.

McFly….No not George

07 Sep 2012 McFly in the USA The Roxy, Los Angeles
10 Sep 2012 McFly in the USA The Roxy, Los Angeles

If you don’t know about this group from the UK pop rock here is a little bit about them.

There first album Room on the Third Floor released in 2004 hit number 1 in the UK and earned them a spot in The Guinness World Book as the youngest band to ever achieve this so far. Since then they have had 10 # 1 singles and two albums at #1.  The bands Front man Tom Fletcher has written more British #1 hits than Queen, U2 all before he reached the age of 21.

Tom Fletcher was born in 1985, he is the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and founder of the band. He also plays piano. His instruments of choice are Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Flying V, Fender Stratocaster, Music Man Sterling.

Danny Jones, born in 1986 also sings lead and is another guitar player for the band. He also plays piano, harmonica, ukulele, and bass guitar. His instruments of choice are the Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul Custom.

Dougie Poynter was born in 1987, plays the bass guitar and vocals. His instruments of choice are Music Man Sterling, Music Man StingRay, and the Fender Jazz Bass.

Harry Judd was born in 1985, he is the drummer. He also plays piano, trumpet, and guitar. I’m not sure which drum kit he prefers. He recently was a guest dancer on Stricly Come Dancing.

Take a moment and check out their most recent hit.