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Boy Bands

Boy Bands they are still here, NKOTB, BSB, McFly and One Direction.

New Kids On The Block will be releasing their new album “10” (Out in April). I must admit I wasn’t really a NKOTB fan before, I was more of a Backstreet Boys person, but I have been slowly warming to the new NKOTB.
With that I though I would look at a few of the Boy bands that have appealed in the past and now.

Backstreet Boys are also still going strong, they did an album with NKOTB and came out with their own “This is us.” They will be having their 20th Anniversary this year and a new album will be coming out soon.

McFly has released “Memory Lane, The Best of McFly” and are out traveling doing great shows. We hope to see the new album soon, but enjoy this video for starters.

And the new members of the boy band breed, who seem to be making an impression here is the US is One Direction.