Music, What makes you happy?


Question for gamers?

Have you ever played a game that wasn’t very good but the music was fantastic?
This question came up the other day, and everyone in our group couldn’t ever remembering playing a game that sucked but had great music. Sound off!

Guitar players……Question for you!

With the advent of the Rocksmith game teaching people how to play the guitar,
what guitar would you recommend first time guitar players to get, especially since they are on a budget. (i.e. Christmas money) The guitar you can buy as part of the package has not had good reviews. Not that I’ve looked at those. I’m not sure what to tell people looking for a starter guitar and I thought it would be good to ask all of you, since I started with an acoustic and learned classical before I moved to rock. Tell us what you think would be a good starter guitar. Also it should be noted that you can purchase extra cables for the game.

Dead by April…..Sunrise Avenue…european bands on SingStar.

European bands as I mentioned before are part of the SingStar fun. For us here in the US alot of them may be unknown, and for those of us that play we are getting a wider look at the groups over there.
Dead by April, according to some they are Alternative Metal or Melodic Death Metal. From Sweden this band first hit the scene in May of 2009 with their debut self-titled album.
Jimmie Strimell does screaming vocals as well as clean vocals and also sings for Death Destruction and in the past Nightrage.
Zandro Santiago also vocals.
Marcus Wesslén plays Bass guitar.
Alex Svenningsson plays the drums.
Session and Touring Members: Pontus Hjelm, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals and songwriter for the band. Joel Nilsson plays guitars along with Jonas Ekdahl.
The song released for play on Sing Star is “Losing You” which you can see on their YouTube site. Their most recent album “Incomparable” was released in Sept. 2011.
The other band we are spotlighting is Sunrise Avenue. This European band hails from Finland forming in 1992. They have released 4 albums “Out of Style” is the most recent released 2011. One of the songs from this album featured on SingStar is “Not Again” along with 7 other songs form their previous albums. Their newest video is “Somebody Help Me“.
Te band is made up of Samu Haber who is the lead vocalist and guitar player.
Raul Ruutu plays the bass guitar.
Sami Osala is their drummer.
Riku Rajamaa also plays guitar.
This group falls into the alternative rock, pop rock and soft rock. Here is the link to their website which is in English.
Keep on discovering music.