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Well if you look up the definition it means idol chatter or talk but if you look up music you find, Boots Randolph, Chet Atkins, Sha Na Na or Bennie Hill. Now I realize that some of you may not know any of these people, so I say you are missing out.
Boots Randolph was a saxophonist, mainly the tenor sax. Born in 1927 and died in 2007. There is a wonder podcast on NPR about Boots and his life. But if you haven’t heard him play check out this video of him doing Yakety Sax, he knows how to make that sax talk.
Chet Atkins, also known as Mister Guitar, has a way of making his instrument of choice talk as well with his video of Yakety Axe. He was born in 1924 and died in 2001. He was friends with Boots and Yakety Axe was his version of Randolph’s Yakety Sax.
What came later in the Yakety course was a song made famous by the Coasters in 1958, later performed by Sha Na Na in this video clip. This group is still at large and you can see their tour dates at the Official Sha Na Na website.
Where will the next Yakety music come from who knows.