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Music, Venues and Video’s.

Country music is part of the roots of modern music, and though you may not here it, you will find it there.
The other night I saw Diamond Rio at a very small venue in Colorado. To me small is sometimes better.
Why? Your closer to the band, you can hear the music better and it makes you feel like you are listening at home sometimes. Over the years I have seen many rock bands and country bands and others in small venues and it helps me get a better sense of what they are like personally, professionally and lets me know what they will be like at a large venue.
One of the member of Diamond Rio belonged to a band I enjoyed way back when Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
Oddly enough this particular guitar player from Diamond Rio was also my inspiration for learning how to play the guitar all those years ago.
Here are some old and new songs that may inspire some of you.
Diamond Rio

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band performing a Kenny Loggins song

Rascal Flatts


Black Sabbath

Linkin Park


Bruno Mars

Trace Adkins “Some women may not admit this one.”

Who says country guys can’t rap Neal McCoy.

Last but not least a different kind of inspiration.
Sami Yusaf

Earwigs, Albums and News.

Earwings or Earworms, whatever they are called they get stuck in your head for hours and hours. What’s your worst one? Could it be the Peter Gunn Theme?

Adele – Rolling In The Deep

Mahna Mahna

or it’s counter part ROFLMAO

Ice Ice Baby
Who Let the Dog’s Out.
They annoy but you never forget them.
I’d like to send out a Congratulations to W.E.R.M. on getting a contract with Universal Republic.

New Albums coming out
Jimmy Fallon “Blow Your Pants Off”
Kenny Chesney “Welcome to the Fishbowl”
Maroon 5 “Overexposed”
Usher “Look 4 Myself”
Linkin Park “Living Things”
R. Kelly ” Write Me Back”
Jimmy Buffet “Welcome to Fin City”
Aqua “Megalomania”

Albums that are worth listening too!
Most recently I have a hard time not replaying these albums which by there own right could be considered large Earwigs.
This album has a number of songs that you will keep singing over and over.
“Bottoms’ Up” Is my personal favorite.

Full of great songs, that will never get old.
Top on my list from this album, “Unity”.

Some older albums that still will keep you singing.
Will Smith

Aqua Found this one interesting because I thought she always sang with a really high voice but I was surprised.

McFly Lots of great songs to sing to including the one with Taio Cruz.

Kansas Not only very cool musically but very tough as well and timeless.
Have a good week all.