Music, What makes you happy?

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Guitar players……Question for you!

With the advent of the Rocksmith game teaching people how to play the guitar,
what guitar would you recommend first time guitar players to get, especially since they are on a budget. (i.e. Christmas money) The guitar you can buy as part of the package has not had good reviews. Not that I’ve looked at those. I’m not sure what to tell people looking for a starter guitar and I thought it would be good to ask all of you, since I started with an acoustic and learned classical before I moved to rock. Tell us what you think would be a good starter guitar. Also it should be noted that you can purchase extra cables for the game.

Music, How do you keep it?

So what kind of music turns you on? What makes you happy or sad? How often do you listen? You get sick of your song after the radio station plays it into the ground? You like vinyl or CD’s? Now that vinyl is making a comeback is the quality really that much better? It’s a battle that will go on for the purist in all of us. I’ve been taking my old vinyl and converting it to MP’s like alot of other people so I can listen to it on my MP players.

The market place is full of software and hardware to convert your vinyl to CD or MP’s and there are a few companies out there that will do it for you.

I’ve been using Xitel INport Deluxe, because I actually still have a B & O turntable and a decent stereo. But it’s by no means the only thing I use once I have recorded the music off to my computer. I also use Goldwave to tweak it the way I think it should sound.  Whatever you choose to use, remember to take your time, your not in a hurry if you want it to sound good.

For those of you who want to get started there are some video’s on YouTube that might be of some help.