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Build your own guitar….mandolin….banjo….I guess you can.

After I had interviewed Andy Sartori the other day I started to wonder about the ease of building a guitar.
I was surprised to learn that you can buy kits for a number of instruments and that there are a number of places on the net that teach you how.
How to build your own guitar at the Instructable site.
Build Your Own Classical Guitar with help from Jeremy Locke.
Or buy a kit and see if it’s for you.
@Guitar Kits.
Saga has kits for guitars, mandolins and banjos.
Gold Tone Banjo Kits.
Siminoff Banjo and Mandolin has kits for mandolins.
I also found kits for Violins, Dulcimers and other instruments. If your passionate about music and thought about trying to build your own you should probable check these out.