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Another look at McFly and how they have grow.

For those of us who have been fans in the US well don’t always realize how fast these men have matured and how there music has carried us along on their ride to today. Come join us on a look at McFly.
All About You


One For The Radio

Falling In Love

Shine A Light

Love Is Easy

Most Recent: Love Is On The Radio

Shinedown: a look at them over time.

Shinedown has been growing in popularity for a long time. I can say that when I mention their name in a group of people most of them have heard of Shinedown and have a favorite song. Well here are some of their videos from early to present. Here is to hoping you become a fan too.
The Crow & The Butterfly

Second Chance

If You Only Knew

Save Me

I’ll Follow You Down

Her Name Is Alice

Most Recent Video: Through The Ghost

Manor House Media Composer Cody Maniates

Music from Brighton Colorado. Cody is extremely creative, he gave us a few minutes of his time to tell us more.

How did you get started, little history bio basically?
My mother found me at a hospital in 1977 and filled the role of a vicarious artist, and so it all began! Seriously though, I got my start playing guitar and diversified from there. The piano is my main instrument and my forte, which helps me to write balanced compositions with a solid melodic platform.

What or who inspired you?
Bill Collectors, people with big houses and lots of cool stuff, that Nickleback song “Rock Star”. Mostly my inspiration came from film scores like those by John Williams (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park), Jerry Goldsmith (Star trek Movie themes, Poltergeist), and Alan Menken (numerous Disney movies) which always drove a scene beyond where the actors could take it emotionally.

What instruments do you play and who manufactured them?
I currently play a keyboard by Roland, acoustic guitar by Sigma, and any other instrument I can find time with!

What do you listen too?
Vulcan logic, my heart, the universe, oh and my two daughters begging for things I can’t afford…

What makes you happy? sad?
Happy: Skinny jeans on women, montages, root beer, cool people who interview me, and of course my family.
Sad: Movies where people lose a finger, when “The Wonders” broke up, and skinny jeans on men.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Try to ignore the endless TV theme song database in my head. There’s no reason to still remember the theme song to Webster or Buck Rodgers, it’s weird. Remember Air Wolf…? I DO!

If you could do anything you wanted what would it be?
Bungee jump from the moon. I haven’t found a cord long enough though…Among my career goals, I hope to compose soundtracks for major motion pictures…. Steven Spielberg, call me.

Anything else you think people don’t already know about you that you want to share?
I am a cancer survivor and it has shown me that life can be short. Live in the moment while planning for the future and go after your dreams no matter what stands in your way.

Have you got another album in the works and/or music videos?
I am constantly working on new songs and ideas, so check often! I also have a top secret project in the works, but you can’t see that yet.

Who manages you and how is that going?
My wife…um, it’s going great according to her!

Check out more about Manor House Media at these links. Very best to Cody.
Facebook, ReverbNation, Twitter, YouTube.

Gate57….talking with songwriters and producers.

This group of talented gentlemen hail from Italy.
They can help you with your music. Providing mixing, musicians, and so much more. Here is what they told me.

How did you get started, little history bio basically?
Well we started playing together as a band when we were teenager in our own town in Italy. We shared our common passion: music. We played in festivals, contests and toured in Italy for years. It was the 80’s and we basically played cover songs from our favorite rock bands. Chicago, Toto, America, Eagles and some italian pop music too. We retired when had our own families, but music still was in our hearts.
We reunited some years ago and decided to write our own music, basically in studio. So no more tour for us, now. We prefer to share our music over the internet. What a great tool the internet is !

And we are also musicians for hire. We have a website. Independent artists and songwriters can hire us to arrange and play their own songs, we can do it sharing audio files via the internet. It’s so funny and stimulant. We can also provide vocals thanks to many talented singers who collaborate with us. We also make video-clips. We are a Team !

What or who inspired you?
Our parents. We are so devoted to our families, we have strong values and love ethic work. Musically, our hero is producer David Foster. He is the best doing his job in our humble opinion and he’s always having success, all over the years.
He discovered so many talents (Celine Dion, Michael Bublè, Josh Groban, Charice to name a few) and wrote so many beautiful love songs and power ballads.
We love ballads !

What instruments do you play and who manufactured them?
We play guitars, bass and keyboards and collaborate with several musicians when needing different instruments. We use digital audio workstation for our recordings, of course. We also do mixing and mastering on our own productions. We use different brands for our instruments, Fender, Yamaha, Korg….whatever that brings a good sound.

What do you listen too?
We listen every kind of music due to our job for hire. We need to keep ourselves up-to-date and ready to face and play any kind of music, and we do it.
But we like to work with real melodies. Melody is everything to us…maybe because we are Italian ?!?

What makes you happy? or sad?
We are happy about what we’re doing, really. We’re following our dream, make music for people. And they like it.
We’re living a difficult time, economic crisis, natural disasters, wars…this is terrible but we tend to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so we never give up.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
We spend our spare time with our families, we all have children and we are very devoted to them. We enjoy our fatherhood so much. It’s a little bit stressing some times but it’s great.

If you could do anything you wanted what would it be?

We wish to make our company big, and contribute to develop talents in the independent music scene. Major labels are everywhere and there isn’t so much space for indie artists. They are so good making their own music, we’d like to help them to make good products to be under the spotlight.
To do this better we need a lot of energy, passion, talent, luck and….yes, money !

Anything else you think people don’t already know about you that you want to share?
Songwriters like us seem to love our music, maybe they don’t know we can help them making a “dress” for their songs. They write themselves in a room, we would like they think about us as a band and a recording studio for their needs, at their side, and with low rates!

You find this talented group of men at these sites as well. ReverbNation, MySpace and Facebook.

Good luck and thanks for your time talking to us.