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Guitar players……Question for you!

With the advent of the Rocksmith game teaching people how to play the guitar,
what guitar would you recommend first time guitar players to get, especially since they are on a budget. (i.e. Christmas money) The guitar you can buy as part of the package has not had good reviews. Not that I’ve looked at those. I’m not sure what to tell people looking for a starter guitar and I thought it would be good to ask all of you, since I started with an acoustic and learned classical before I moved to rock. Tell us what you think would be a good starter guitar. Also it should be noted that you can purchase extra cables for the game.

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  1. This comment was made on the goggle + by Johnny Clinton
    Fender SE Special Strat with Squier SP-10 Amp Value Pack.
    Runs about $200.00 and is a great beginner guitar, plus you have a SP-10 amp, an instrument cable, electronic tuner, instructional DVD, guitar stand, gig bag, and picks.
    Combine that with RockSmith and you have yourself a Rock-n-Good time!!

    Link to Guitar Center, no i do not work at guitar center.

    Have the Pro at the shop were you buy your guitar set it up. Sometimes they do this for free if you bought it there, but even if they charge, it’s worth it.

    Nothing will discourage a young hopeful guitarest faster than a guitar that is uncomfortable to play.

    December 11, 2011 at 3:41 am

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